LOA Mentoring

   Working with a coach is a huge game changer.

Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m looking for until I find it. (Sound familiar?) My favorite mentor intuitively leads me there with his brilliant questions. He always knows I have the answers inside and when I spend a little time lining up with my inner guidance, what I like to call my higher consciousness, I relax into amazing manifested clarity. 

When we connect to our internal guidance our paths open right before our eyes creating meaningful, life changing discoveries. Relax, stay present and allow. That’s the work.

Connecting with our internal guidance is a practice and it can be extremely helpful to do this with someone who can help you get there.

I work with my personal mentor once a month and often weekly when I’m working on a specific project. This program is a perfect example of what I  manifested through my willingness to focus.

The synergistic energy of two is exponentially more powerful than working alone.