LOA Coaching Program


What is the process?

This program starts with a  questionnaire to determine the topics you would like to address and your intentions for working with me. This information gives me the background to help create a path. Every session is different but often we start with relaxation techniques to connect to your higher consciousness, body consciousness, source energy; however you perceive that connection is fine. This will shift your perspective and create space to allow the clarity of solutions and actions to come through.

The information that we discover together allows me to guide you to specific actions or processes for the next step on your journey.

For specific healthcare questions I may request further information ie: medical notes, lab and imaging reports or any further health related information you may determine beneficial. I will also ask about specific practices or processes you may use ie: acupuncture, meditation, energy work or any alternative health care therapy.

Why does it work for any topic?

Because of my background in health-care, many of my clients start with unresolved health-care issues. Makes sense right? But remember, because we are wholly integrated as body, mind and spiritual beings having this physical experience, we cannot separate the influence from one aspect to another. A mentored holistic approach is solution oriented, and far more effective than trying to power your way through a fear-based problem. Often we can resolve something as basic as an old belief that will allow physical healing.

How many appointments will I need?

It’s entirely up to you. You will always leave a session with some sort of practice or path to pursue. I have clients who check in only when they feel stuck and need help connecting to the next step. I also have clients who are inspired to work with me on a weekly schedule until they become more autonomous with the work. But remember, nothing really changes much unless you utilize these tools on a regular basis.

Why “Law of Attraction Based”?

Law of Attraction: What you give your attention, energy or focus to is what shows up in your experience. When you perceive your physical body as energy or vibration, you come closer to the realization of how interrelated the mind, body and spirit really are. You cannot effect one without influencing the others. To use your attention on a desired healing intention is very powerful.

Fee schedule.

$225 for 75 minutes Live, Zoom, or Audio. The initial process of examining your questionnaire and medical materials is part of your initial consultation.

What next?

If you’re  connecting with this process or information,  add yourself to my schedule and together we will have an amazing journey.

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